A Poem for My Father


  With pen in hand.... I wonder....
  What can be said for a Father?
  What can be said about My Father, that hasn't been said a thousand times before by another grieving yet grateful  child?
  I can say...
  I loved him from before the start of my life until the end of his life and beyond into endless eternity.
  I can say he loved me from before the start of my life until the end of his earthly life and beyond into his eternity.....and I can say... thank you Dad, I miss you now and always.
  And maybe those are all the words I need to say.
  Maybe these are the most important words I could ever say.
  So this will be The Poem for My Father today. This is the Poem  for you, Dad, My Father.



For Baby Taylor


 Sweet baby Taylor
Just six days old.....
Perfect wee face and delicate head
Trusting those that love you to hold you close to their hearts
Entering this mixed up world with panache and grace
Already etching your name
On your parents' palms.

Sweet baby Taylor
Now four months old...
Telling your stories and smiling your songs in unwritten verse,
Watching the world and learning its ways.
Bundled in love and surrounded by caring hands of relatives and dearest friends.

Sweet baby T
Now 8 months young,
Captivating all those eyes within your grasp,
Laughing, giggling, looking at what comes next;
Intrigued and interacting with your new found world.

Sweet baby Taylor
The universe is yours and welcomes your arrival in brightness and anticipation.


I shall cast myself

  I shall cast myself...
  I shall cast myself in the ocean, let the rushing waves pour over me,
  And plummet to the bottom
        like a heavy lead sinker...
  And sit there for hours and days  and weeks...not breathing...
  Just sitting there feeling badly and depressed and helpless to help or act...
  Having no control over what is happening...just control over sinking or swimming.
  And then when I have had enough feeling badly and sorry, and tired and angry,
  I will rise straight up out of the water, slowly with deliberation, and feel the sun on my face and start to breathe again.
  I will reach out my hand and be supported by all that is good and positive in the Universe and let that be my guide and refuge.
  I will remember to look above the waves.


No forwarding address

  No forwarding address
  People are leaving with no forwarding address... no parcels or mail or returned packages...
  So I've got to say it now
  Before another kindred soul sails to the seas of no return
  Boards the ship to realms of way beyond...
  Reach out and touch the hearts that make up your soul
  Reach out and touch the hearts you know you would miss
  Share the love that gives you life and has given your life meaning.
  No forwarding address is a life long sentence when the sojourner has left you behind without a parting word.
  Share the love while the stars still shine and the moon is present in the skies.


For Heather RuthAnne on Her Earthly Debut


Beautiful Yukon baby girl...
Traveling the backroads and air miles to meet us and greet us with....
 Radiant sunshine emanating through trusting blue eyes and smiling heart.
Drawing us in to converse with you  ... Our words and expressions making you laugh.
Little Heather RuthAnne, ruler of human planets orbiting around you,
Wearing your smile like a waving flag,
Captivating all within your sight and reach.
Winning the hearts of all your wee cousins who hold audience and encircle you,
Kissing you and touching you gently as they marvel at your newness and beauty.
Together, we, your family and friends, herald your earthly arrival
and pledge to keep you close.


Awakening and the redemption

  The Awakening and The Redemption.     
   They started the  magical journey together in a time of special awakening......  a psychic, romantic  and spiritual journey that slowly  led to adulthood.....with all it's painful and freeing metamorphosis.   
   And then came the joys, the trials and the storms that joined, divided and eventually conquered and separated.         And life continued as life does, each growing and tasting new memories.    
  And as life continued, and years passed,  a flower rose from the  cold ashes that was somehow born of common appreciation, respect and lives shared.    
                                                     And that flower was a sign of redemption that souls damaged by the human condition and circumstance could still sit on the cliff at sunset above the crashing waves and watch the world end
  ....and not be alone.


Ben's song

  I am the world.
  This is my moment.
  I turn things upside down with just a smile;
  I light up the faces of those around me with my natural sunshine.

  I am Benjamin....
  "Son of the Right Hand " and " Son of Strength".....
  I am a new soul on this earthly home yet I have always been.
  I am here to live and love and work and play.

  Hold me close to your hearts and
   keep me warm in your arms.
  This is my moment and you are my family.
  We are marked on each others' palms.
  Let us venture forth together and continue our song.